Corporate Financial Planning

Corporate Financial Planning


We provide business owners with Corporate Financial Planning advice in addition to looking after their own personal financial affairs. We work in conjunction with other professional advisers that assist our clients businesses, for example Accountants or Solicitors.

We have the expertise to help business owners develop a robust financial planning strategy that includes the provision for pension planning through to business protection.

It could simply be a case of reviewing, strengthening or streamlining your existing requirements or it may be time to introduce a whole new set of employee benefits. You may want to empower and reward your employees by allowing them the flexibility of being able to choose their own employee packages from a range of options you set. Working with Bentley Independent Financial Advisors means you take the lead, you set your priorities and you choose a ‘package’ of assistance and advice to suit your needs.

From straightforward life cover to complex pension planning, we make the process as pain-free as possible. In today’s world of tight budgets and timescales, we will work with you to organise a simple, well-organised and headache-free package of benefits for your employees. This could include an advice service to your employees as part of your employer package at greatly reduced cost to them.

There are many varieties of pensions in the UK and they all have their part to play in Business Pension Planning. This can be very complicated as each pension scheme has slightly different rules.
Do you insure your company's cash flow against loss of key members of staff to death or disease?
The shareholder / directors in limited companies and indeed members of partnerships often need protection against the impact that the death of one of the shareholder / directors or partners.
In many cases your employees will perceive the value of the benefit to be much higher than the actual cost of providing it, which makes such benefits a very useful tool.

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